Edinburgh’s Taxis

What you need to know

The prime purpose of this site is to provide information which we hope will be of assistance to anyone requiring the use of a taxi in Edinburgh. Whilst the information given applies specifically to Edinburgh, much of it may be applicable to other areas too.

Every taxi in Edinburgh is a purpose-built vehicle – built exclusively for use as a taxi with several exclusive and vital safety features each of which enhance passenger comfort and safety. Equally, every taxi driver in Edinburgh could be considered as “purpose-built” – each has been rigorously checked for suitability and has passed a strict “knowledge of Edinburgh” examination to prove that he, or she, can take passengers anywhere within Edinburgh using the shortest practicable route.

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Unlike those in some countries, taxi drivers in Edinburgh (and the UK in general) take a pride in their ability and do NOT try to overcharge passengers nor do they take circuitous routes.

Despite awaiting finalisation of the “Disability Discrimination Act 1995”, every taxi in Edinburgh has been capable of accommodating a passenger in a wheelchair since January 1997. Every taxi has ramps allowing the entrance and egress of most wheelchair-bound passengers. Swivel seats and low-rise steps are also available in many taxis to assist passengers. Most drivers can, and will, assist passengers to enter or leave the vehicle, if necessary. Around 50 Guildford taxi drivers hold certificates which exempt them from the carriage of wheelchairs because of their own health problems (this can vary from a backstrain to a heart condition, but does not effect his ability to carry out the rest of a driver’s duties)

The Edinburgh Taxi Trade holds an annual trip to the seaside with some of the less able kids from the city- here are some of the pictures from this year’s outing.

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